Heather Reid presents a boutique art house lab.

Special - Front Elevation Line Drawing.jpg

Coming 2018-2019. Contact us at: hreid@thespecial.com

The Special is a high-tech, boutique, art house lab dedicated to discovering and showcasing both new and seasoned artists during their creative process and exhibition. Specifically designed to ensure that artists can experience and benefit from a modern and supportive environment, our modular space can be tailored and transformed into a gallery, screening room, sound stage, theater, photo studio or exclusive venue for meetings, lectures, banquets and private events. 

The Special’s boutique size, mindful architecture and cutting-edge technical capabilities make it ideal for workshopping early stage theatrical pieces and music experiments. State of the art lighting and sound systems, and advanced features like a turntable stage and projection mapping ensure a limitless number of set and production options. We also offer the ability to produce and live stream any event though our in-house “The Special Network” or by using external hosts.

The second heart center of The Special is our philanthropic think tank, searching for and developing innovative ways to give back to the Los Angeles community (and beyond) through inspiring creative events held here.